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How SBS Is Used in The Classroom

SBS's primary charge is the development and presentation of online simulations of sports teams and leagues for use in the college classroom. SBS's products are not designed to replace textbooks or, for that matter, the "in-class" experience. SBS's products, all of which are available with one SBS World membership, are employed to enhance the classroom experience.

The SBS World is online, and is accessible via any Internet-ready computer, anywhere in the world. You can become part of the SBS World right from the computer you're using right now. All it takes is a $12.50 membership fee. As SBS is designed for the classroom, the rate goes down with the number of students in a membership group. Once a part of the SBS World, there are various ways to use SBS to enhance the classroom experience

Using the Oakland Baseball Simworld, students at the University of San Francisco's Sport Management Program played the role of imaginary management consultant, trying different business strategies within the simulator, then writing a paper on which strategy the "organization" should adopt. In this way, the simulator was the testing ground for different subjects written about in the sports textbook, from variable pricing to public bond financing for a new stadium. Students grasp the ideas and concepts faster when SBS's simulators are employed as a tool within the classroom.

SBS has developed sample class project descriptions for you to use in your class, with minimal alternations. Just click here on "Oakland Baseball Simworld" or here on "XFL Simworld" to produce the sample class project documents. Each one consists of an explanation of the simulator and what it does, as well as instructions for operation, scoring, and registration. (These are .PDF files and require the Acrobat Reader to View.  Click here to download the reader for free.)

Here are other ways the SBS World can be used in your classroom:

1. Students can engage in a business competition. In this, students work in groups, each developing a strategy to use in the simulator and in isolation from the other group. The students can run as many trials as they want to, but the rounds of simulation runs are only to test their strategies, not for the competition. Then, two lab competitions are held with the professor's in-person supervision. Here, the highest score counts. The professor takes the average of the group's scores and the group with the highest average score wins; the student groups can't alter their strategy from one round to the next round.

2. In an effort to understand how different stadium financing strategies impact a baseball organization, the professor has students try each financing approach, then write a paper on their effects on the baseball organization. Representatives of local sports organizations are invited to class to provide a "real world" perspective beyond the simulator.

3. An economics professor wants her students to understand that the real world of product price and demand is much more complex than what's presented in the typical textbook. So, rather than throw her students into the world of complex system equations, she has them run simulations in the SBS World, changing ticket prices and recording their effects on the organization's revenue, with respect to real world variables like a terrible team or a championship ballclub.

4. A labor economics professor wants students to understand how employee negotiations impact the "bottom line" of a business. The students use the Oakland Baseball Simworld within the SBS World, and quickly learn that one can't just pick a salary for a baseball player, and that at a certain point the player has more control over salary than the organization.

5. A high school teacher wants her students to understand how important TV ratings are to the success of a sports league, so she holds a class competition using the XFL Simworld.

There are more examples that are variations on the five above. But from this, it's clear that the SBS World can make the classroom experience more fun for teacher and student alike.

SBS is also available to create specialized simulations for your classroom needs. Please contact SBS with any curriculum assistance or simulation development needs.