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Real Estate Marketing

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You have properties listed. Or your a real estate developer. Or both. Whatever the case, you want people to know about your available inventory.

SBS-ON can dramatically increase the visibility of your buildings and spaces. SBS-ON will make your website, or improve the search engine visibility of your site, and make viral videos of your inventory, and install them in articles in our 42-blog network, then make a blog customized for your needs, and announce it all with press releases.

Only SBS-ON can create a whole online marketing package for you from website, to blogs, to videos, and press releases and social networks.

And best of all is that SBS owns its own network of webpages, blogs, and video channels -- over 20 on YouTube alone, and can upload your videos to as many as eight different YouTube-type companies.

There's no better organization to help you and your client get noticed by buyers and renters.

Real Estate Marketing

SBS-ON can help you achieve your objectives in little time, and for far less than you think. If you believe you've got to pay five-figures for this kind of effort, think again. You're paying too much. Here's SBS-OM's monthly costs per service:

Real Estate Marketing

SBS-ON provides a set of integrated Internet Marketing services at a fraction of what other firms ask for. You can select all, or a combination of services.

SBS-ON uses a combination of SEO, PR techniques, microsites, and leverages the giant SBS website, SBS Blog Network, SBS Video-Blog Network, and in some cases SBS simulation development expertise to achieve results. SBS-ON also is the online firm of its kind that owns a network of blogs and video-blog shows that is used in our process. Where standard PR firms contact bloggers (like us) and hope that they write something about the PR firm's client, we have own our own well-visted blog network.

Real Estate Marketing

SBS-ON gives the client measurable performance records, from page view counts, to articles read and downloaded, to the number of media outlets that picked up a story, to unique visitors and video viewers, the client receives both a set of numerical goals and objectives and a report on how SBS-ON is doing in reaching them, as well as a final document.

Let SBS-ON help you. To start, call 510-387-9809 or just send us an email at and with "SBS-ON Contact" in the subject heading. Give us up to just one business day to respond to your request. After a discussion of your needs, we will send a confidential proposal with cost estimates. Upon your approval SBS-ON will go to work for you.


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