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Online Reputation Management, Content Marketing, Content Development, Online Marketing

How do you look in a search? Do you like what you see? Are you even visible? Is there a search result you don't like? Or do you have a great website that no one can find on Google or Yahoo? We can all of change that for you.

SBS-ON is based on Sports Business Simulation's six years of experience in building our own visibility on the web and with a shoestring budget. We've consistently hit keyword targets we established for our needs, literally taken over entire search engine listings, created email campaigns, established and run over 100 online communities and used multiple platforms to achieve our overall marketing and "buzz-building" objectives. We call it "Online Reputation Management."

Now we can bring affordable Online Reputation Management, Content Marketing, Content Development, Online Marketing consulting services to you.

Super Bowl Party Online Marketing

SBS-ON helped San Francisco-based Bauer's Worldwide Transportation promote their giant Super Bowl Party as part of the festivities surrounding Super Bowl XLI, February 5, 2007. Bauer's took over the "Pure Rush" party brand and hosted its' first party in Miami, the Super Bowl host city. When SBS-ON was hired, the party was virtually invisible on the World Wide Web. Even the initial website could not be found by even the best search engines.

In just four days, SBS-ON took the Bauer's Pure Rush Party from unknown to known:

  • #1 ranking in it's title keyword category
  • Nine of first ten Google search results in its title keyword category during the two weeks leading up to the Super Bowl game.
  • Top ranking in 12 different keyword combinations.
  • Videos on the party drew over 15,000 viewers in just four days, and 2,000 viewers in one day.
  • Mention on AOL, in the Miami Herald, and in the Houston Chronicle
  • Articles on the party drew as much as 3,000 page views in one day, and over 10,000 page views over four days.

    Online Marketing

    All of this helped to make The Bauer's Pure Rush Party one of the best events during the "Super Bowl Season" in Miami. SBS-ON made several video campaigns for Bauer's events, like this one for their MLB All Star Game Party:

    SBS-ON can achieve the same results for you or your company or event. For one fee we take on the task of not just bring targeted visitors to you, but creating "buzz" - causing people to talk about you or your company or event. We can do for you what we did for Gary Bauer, President of Bauer's Worldwide Transportation. Gary said "What SBS-ON did for us was totally amazing; they came through and in a short period of time. I look forward to working with SBS-ON again."

    Online Reputation Management, Content Marketing, Content Development, Online Marketing

    SBS-ON can help with the following scenarios:

  • Your an event planner seeking to populate search engines and target keywords about your party.
  • You want negative information about yourself or your client reduced or removed from a search, if possible.
  • You're a sports agent who wants to improve the "buzz" around your client before the upcoming NFL Draft.
  • Or you're a fund-raiser who's trying to draw more people to donate online. Perhaps you're an event planner and you want to make sure your event sells tickets internetand is the most talked about "gotta-be-there" happening in the city.
  • You're a talent agent who wants to improve your actress' visibility internetand have people talking about her by the water cooler.

    Online Reputation Management, Content Marketing, Content Development, Online Marketing

    SBS-ON can help you achieve your objectives in little time, and for far less than you think. If you believe you've got to pay five-figures for this kind of effort, think again. You're paying too much. Here's SBS-OM's monthly costs per service:

    Development / Maintenance of Blogs Cost Per Month: $250
    Article Creation for Blogs / Websites Cost Per Month: $250
    Search Engine Optimization Work Cost Per Month: $750
    Press Release Distribution / Writing Cost Per Month: $250
    Social Marketing Optimization Work Cost Per Month: $500
    Video Production, Upload, Distribution Cost Per Month: $1,000
    Total Cost Of Integrated Service Total Cost Per Month: $3,000

    Online Reputation Management | Online Marketing

    SBS-ON provides a set of integrated Internet Marketing services at a fraction of what other firms ask for. You can select all, or a combination of services.

    SBS-ON uses a combination of SEO, PR techniques, microsites, and blogs, the giant SBS website, SBS Blog Network, SBS Video-Blog Network, and in some cases SBS simulation development expertise to achieve results. SBS-ON also is the online firm of its kind that owns a network of blogs and video-blog shows that is used in our process. Where standard PR firms contact bloggers (like us) and hope that they write something about the PR firm's client, we have own our own well-visted blog network.

    Online Marketing

    SBS-ON gives the client measurable performance records, from page view counts, to articles read and downloaded, to the number of media outlets that picked up a story, to unique visitors and video viewers, the client receives both a set of numerical goals and objectives and a report on how SBS-ON is doing in reaching them, as well as a final document.

    Let SBS-ON help you. To start, call 510-387-9809 or just send us an email at and with "SBS-ON Contact" in the subject heading. Give us up to just one business day to respond to your request. After a discussion of your needs, we will send a confidential proposal with cost estimates. Upon your approval we will go to work for you.

    SBS-ON uses the service.


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