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The SBS Vlog Network
The SBS Video-Blog Network is an innovative and growing set of interlinked video-blogs which starts with "Kate On Sports".

SBS Video Blog Network

  • Kate On Sports
  • "Kate On Sports" is SBS' first weekly video-blog show. It features Kate Troecher's humorous look at sports.

SBS Video Blog Network

  • Ed Goines On Sports
  • This is a show hosted by Ed Goines, who Ed Goines is the President Of The Sports Law Firm Sui Generis. He was General Counsel and Vice President Of Business Affairs For The San Francisco 49ers for five years, as well as General Counsel for Ticketmaster and Mattel, and Legal Counsel for Major League Soccer. Ed's background gives him an "insiders" view of the sports organization and how it works, and he brings that to this video show.

SBS Video Blog Network

  • Three Minutes
  • Zennie Abraham's experiment in video blogging. No photo uploads. No script. No special set. Just three minutes on a subject from the point of view of Sports Business Simulations' CEO.


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