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SBS Working Paper Series

Sports Business Simulations, Inc. presents working papers writen by SBS officers, researchers, and affiliated professors. Each paper is described below. By clicking on the appropriate word link, you can purchase any number of SBS working papers for your use.

SBS Working Paper One: "Disability Insurance 3, Baseball Fans 1," by Keith Dobkowski

Some sports experts contend that the bad economy was the reason for the first decrease in the average baseball free agent contract size in the 21st Century. But Keith Dobkowski, Sports Legal Specialist for Sports Business Simulations, Inc., has another view.

In his SBS Working Paper called "Disability Insurance 3, Baseball 1," Dobkowski contends that the new baseball disability insurance policy, allowing insurers to place a two-to-three-year limit on insurance coverage adopted earlier this year, will cause an even greater difference in payroll between teams, at a time when the new Major League Baseball (MLB) Collective Bargaining Agreement was created, in part, to reduce such disparities.

To make his case, Dobkowski presents data to support his conclusion. He illustrates that the average length of a free agent contract signed between the 2000-01 off-season and the 2002-03 off-season dropped from 2.666 years, to just 1.781 years in length. The most dramatic decrease occurred in the period between the 2001-02 and 2002-03 off-seasons when the average length of new agreements fell from an average of 2.482 years to 1.781.

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