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This area features information on the business of sports and SBS partnership links.

Organization and athlete partnership links

A Life Settlement

A Life Settlement is a Life Settlement Company located in Delray Beach, Florida. Want to know more about Life Settlements, check out the website, or this video: Life Settlements

All American Speakers Bureau

All American Speakers Bureau is a full-service agency representing sports speakers and celebrities. Featuring large selection of motivational and keynote speakers, including athletes, coaches & Olympians

Amanda Dunbar:

Amanda is a Florida-based professional bodybuilder. Visit her site to learn about what a bodybuilder does and see which businesses sponsor individual athletes like her. Ms. Dunbar is currently seeking new sponsors.

Baker Sports Management:

San Francisco-based Baker Sports Management is the firm owned by sports attorney Steve Baker. Mr. Baker represents professional football players like San Francisco 49ers quarterback Jeff Garcia. Visit Mr. Baker's site to learn about his sports agent practice, who he represents, and how he does it.

Big Star Printing:

Big Star Printing produces promotional material for Sports Business Simulations.

Don White For Mayor of Oakland:

20-year Alameda County, California treasurer's website announcing his candidacy for Mayor of Oakland.

Fitness Information Technology:

Fitness Information Technology is publisher of the Sport Marketing Quarterly and numerous, high-quality books in the sport management field.

France Resources:

If you're conducting research for a paper on French sports, business, and culture, there are few better sites than France Resources.

Fred Davis:

Fred Davis is a true Silicon Valley pioneer. One of the founders of Ziff Davis' computer publishing division, he also worked on the launch of Wired Magazine, to list only two of his many achievements. Currently, Fred is Chairman of "dig_iT" a new digital lifestyle magazine. Visit his web site to learn more about this true Internet industry talent.

Kenneth Shropshire:

Ken Shropshire is the David W. Hauck Professor at the Wharton School of The University of Pennsylvania. He is a noted expert on sports negotiation, contracts, diversity training, and athlete representation.

Rachel Sears:

Rachel is a California-based professional triathlete. Visit her site to learn about what a triathlete does and see which businesses sponsor individual athletes like her. Ms. Sears is currently seeking new sponsors.


SportsEconomics is a professional services firm that provides a broad range of consulting services to the sports business community.

Sports Writer 4 Hire

SBS' Brian Killgore is also an accomplished writer of game results for various sports organizations like the San Jose SaberCats. This website is about his service.

Workit.Com:, established and ran by SBS Advisory Board member Derinda Gaumond, is the best online networking resource for startup firm officers.

Local US Media Sports Links

SBS Local Media Library

Links to the sports web pages for the top American newspapers are here.

General Sports Information Links

American Specialty, Inc.:

American Specialty specializes in providing insurance to clients in the sports industry, including Major League Baseball.

This is a very complete and complex website especially developed for baseball researchers looking for detailed information on individual players and teams. This website collects (via links) newspaper accounts of players, contracts, and other transactions.

The name of this site describes exactly what it is: a comprehensive data reference for Major League Baseball. It contains information on existing and defunct leagues, players, teams, and managers.

Business of Baseball:

A great source of good information of various aspects of the business of baseball. Published by Doug Pappas, it's become one of the key destinations on the web in its category.

Collective Bargaining Agreement for Fans:

This web site was developed by two students of the Sport Management Program at the University of San Francisco. It's a well-designed and easy-to-access site that offers the history of labor negotiations and collective bargaining agreements in Major League Baseball.


This web home of the Enterprise Sports Network, provides excellent coverage of day-to-day sports events and news. If you're writing a paper that calls for the analysis of a current sports labor issue, more than likely, ESPN's web site has up-to-the-minute information on it.


This is the official website of Major League Baseball, with links to each to the websites of its member organizations


This is the official website of the National Basketball Association, with links to each to the websites of its member organizations


This is the official website of the National Football League, with links to each to the websites of its member organizations.

NFL Alumni Headquarters:

Official web site of the NFL Alumni. Dues-paying membership association. Anyone who ever played professional football qualifies as a Professional Member. Other individuals may enroll as Associate or Corporate members. The primary criterion for joining the NFL Alumni is a desire to support the charitable goals and activities of the organization.


This is the official website of the National Hockey League, with links to each to the websites of its member organizations.

Sports Business Journal:

A valuable and widely-read resource of weekly information on breaking business news in the sports industry. Considered the weekly sports business "bible."

Zeal Wine Imports

Zeal Wine Imports is a Walnut Creek, CA-based distributor of wines to restaurants. For great wines from Italy, and South America and North America. For more info see the video on SBS Libary Page Two

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