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Signing Up To Use the Simulations: Options

It's just $20 to use the Oakland Baseball Simworld and the XFL Simworld for your class. There are several sign-up options:

  • 1. Purchase a set of student accounts with one credit-card purchase, then send SBS the list of students. SBS will take care of student account installation into a section designed exclusively for you to review student performance.
  • 2. Have each student separately sign up for an account online using their credit card. (This is best for rush orders.) SBS will take care of student account installation into a section designed exclusively for you to review student performance.
  • 3. Have SBS invoice you for the total cost of the student accounts ($12.50 times the number of students), then send SBS a check for the total amount and e-mail the list of students to SBS. SBS will take care of student account installation into a section designed exclusively for you to review student performance.

If you're just discovering SBS for the first time, and the class semester or quarter has started, SBS recommends using the simulations as "extra-credit" assignments. The students can separately sign up for their own accounts. Again, SBS will take care of student account installation into a section designed exclusively for you to review student performance.

Whatever option you chose, you can sign up with just a click here: SIGN UP FOR SIMS.

How SBS' Oakland Baseball Simworld
and XFL Simworld
are used in the College and High School Classroom
- A Curriculum Design for Baseball Business Dynamics 101

SBS' Oakland Baseball Simworld and XFL Simworld were created for use in the classroom. The popular Oakland sim has a curriculum planning section for teacher and student use.

Both simulations are designed to teach basic business and economics concepts:

  • Economics
  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • The Oakland Baseball Simworld goes into more detail regarding economics, as basic demand and supply concepts are installed in the operation of the simulation. The Oakland Sim is also designed to teach basic finance concepts of loans, interest rates, and debt.

    Thus, sports is just a backdrop for these simulations. One does not have to know or understand baseball or football to use these sims.

    Professor Joris Drayer , SBS Sim Sales Director, wrote a study on how the Oakland Baseball Simworld is used in the classroom. You can read that study with a click here > Oakland Baseball Simworld Study - Recommended Reading for Teachers.

    The central objective of the lesson structure is to teach students how to think about "sports business dynamics" and more specifically "baseball business dynamics." This is done via a multi-phase approach combining the use of the Oakland Baseball Simworld, readings, on the baseball business, a multiple-choice test, and a paper placing the student in the role of consultant. To enjoy the benefits of this combination, you must have an SBS simulations account. You can get one if you click here.

    This curriculum was created based on a teaching strategy developed by SBS co-founder Professor Daniel Rascher, head of the Sport Management Program at the University of San Francisco and by Rod Fort, Professor of Economics at Washington State University.

    Professor Rascher and Professor Fort are "SBS Commissioners of Baseball." They hold a lead role in the formation and evolution of the curriculum plan.

    Baseball Business Dynamics 101

    Baseball Business Dynamics 101 is SBS' name for both a class and a new way of looking at how baseball organizations work from a macro perspective. This course and the materials can be "inserted" into your current sports business, economics, or management course structure, or it can be used as a "stand alone" class system.

    The pages below present the course from the perspective of teacher and student, and draw both views together in the course syllabus page. Finally, there is a test example. The actual version of this test is a PDF document you the teacher can download after receiving an SBS account for your class. All of this is designed to permit you to start quickly and easily; if you have any questions contact SBS at To read each page, just click on the link next to that page name below:

    Teacher | Student | Course Syllabus | Test Example

    System Dynamics and Systems Thinking

    Baseball Business Dynamics 101 and the simulation itself represent an attempt to mesh system dynamics and systems thinking with economic theory and analysis and scenario planning. The links with each subject area allow you to learn more about each school of thought. But the objective here is to cause the student to think about the long-term organizational consequences of short-term managerial decisions.

    Over time, students will begin to speak in a language reflective of an understanding of baseball business dynamics, making sentences with caveats such as "under certain conditions" or using terms like "limits to growth" or "negative feedback loop" in addition to "Negative NOI" (for Net Operating Income).

    University Client Websites

    The following colleges and universities have used or are using the Oakland Baseball Simworld and the XFL Simworld for their classes. Just click on their names to see their websites and contact them.

    University of San Francisco - Dr. Dan Rascher (SBS Co-Founder)

    Washington State University - Dr. Rod Fort (SBS Commissioner of Baseball)

    University of Nebraska-Kerney - Dr Nina Unruh

    Transylvania University - Dr Mike LeVan

    Texas Tech University - Dr Michael Smucker

    Tennessee Technological University - Dr Tom Timmerman

    East Carolina University - Dr Steve Estes

    University of Louisville University - Dr. Damon P. S. Andrew and Dr. Steve Dittmore

    The following universities have professors who have used SBS sims either in their classes or for their individual research, or both:

    University of San Francisco

    Washington State University

    Transylvania University

    University of Nebraska at Kerney

    Seaton Hall University

    Texas Tech University

    Northwood University

    Stanford Business School

    Saint Leo University of Pennsylvania

    University of Southern Mississippi

    Oklahoma St. University

    Southeast Missouri State University

    University of Tampa

    Middle Tennessee State University