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Joris Drayer - SBS National Sales Director

Currently professor of Sports Economics at The University of Memphis, Dr. Joris Drayer received his Ph.D. in Sport Administration at the University of Northern Colorado. With a primary focus on Sport Finance, he initially became interested in the Oakland Baseball Simworld while completing his Masters Degree at USF under Dr. Rascher and found an opportunity to introduce the program into the curriculum at UNC.

Dr. Drayer was an advocate for Sports Business Simulations. You can contact him with questions about the sim and also regarding simulation account sign-up. You can also sign up for sims with a click on this sentence.

Dr. Drayer is a member of the the SBS Sim Development Advisory Board.
Dr. Drayer wrote this study on the use of the Oakland Baseball Simworld in the classroom: Oakland Baseball Simworld Study - by Dr. Joris Drayer