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Sports Business Simulations - Officers:

Zenophon A. Abraham

, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer:

Daniel A. Rascher, PhD

, Vice Chairman and Chief Marketing Officer:

Please contact Zennie or Dan regarding special economic consulting and research needs, simulation development, questions, or media relations at 510-387-9809.

Noelle Maylander, Chief of Online Marketing

Kristin J. Herrera, Executive Vice President, Corporate Image:

Sandrine Olivencia, Senior Vice President, Marketing and Product Development:

Brian Killgore, Senior Vice President for Marketing and Public Relations

SBS Personalities:

Matt Adamski

Erin Alders

Anja Crotts

Keith Dobkowski

Lindsey Huff

Hodaka Kajita

Sue Landsittel

Drew Kroner

Erin Vranas

The SBS Personalities Primer can be viewed if you click here.

Board of Directors:

Zenophon A. Abraham
Dr. Daniel Rascher, PhD
Mark Anthony Jones

Advisory Board:

The Hon. Elihu M. Harris
Michael Bean
Derinda Gaumond
Vincent Cardamon
Will Glass-Husain