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Sports and Concert Tickets Exchange

Buying and Selling Tickets - Process

You can purchase tickets for various sports and concert events here or sell your tickets at this site and at whatever price you set.

Want to see what ticket prices are for your favorite sports teams? Click here: Sports Ticket Prices and Game Expense Tables.

Tickets Exchange Highlights

Shop For Tickets or Post Yours For Sale Below

Music Concert Tickets

| Aerosmith and Lenny Kravitz Tickets | American Idol Tickets | Arctic Monkeys Tickets | Aretha Franklin Tickets | Ashley Simpson Tickets | Audioslave Tickets | Backstreet Boys Tickets | Barenaked Ladies Tickets | Barry Manilow Tickets | Beck Tickets | Billy Joel Tickets Tickets | Black Eyed Peas Tickets Tickets | Bob Dylan Tickets | Bon Jovi Tickets |Bruce Springsteen Tickets | Celine Dion Tickets | Coldplay Tickets | Crosby Stills and Nash Tickets | David Gilmour Tickets | Death Cab For Cutie Tickets | Dave Matthews Band Tickets | Devo Tickets | Eminem Tickets | Elton John Tickets | 50 Cent Tickets | Gwen Stefani Tickets | Green DayTickets | Hilary Duff Tickets | Hootie and The Blowfish Tickets |INXS Tickets | Keith Urban Tickets | Kelly Clarkson Tickets | Madonna Tickets | Michael Buble Tickets | Neil Diamond Tickets | Nine Inch Nails Tickets | Paul McCartney Tickets | Pearl Jam Tickets | Queen and Paul Rogers Tickets | Rolling Stones Tickets | 3 Doors Down Tickets | Tim McGraw Tickets | The Police Tickets | Toby Keith Tickets | Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers Tickets | Kenny Chesney Tickets | U2 Tickets | Van Morrison Tickets | The Who

This is the place to be if you want to see U2 or The Rolling Stones (click here); for other concert tickets, look to the right lower menu....

MLB Baseball Tickets

MLB Playoff and World Series Tickets can be had with a click here.

Arizona Diamondbacks Tickets | Atlanta Braves Tickets | Boston Red Sox Tickets | Baltimore Orioles Tickets | Chicago Cubs Tickets | Chicago White Sox Tickets | Cleveland Indians Tickets | Cincinnati Reds Tickets | Colorado Rockies Tickets | Detroit Tigers Tickets | Florida Marlins Tickets | Houston Astros Tickets | Kansas City Royals Tickets | LA Angels of Anaheim Tickets | LA Dodgers Tickets | Milwaukee Brewers Tickets | Minnesota Twins Tickets | New York Yankees Tickets | New York Mets Tickets | Oakland A's Tickets | Philadelphia Phillies Tickets | Pittsburgh Pirates Tickets | SF Giants Tickets | St. Louis Cardinals Tickets |San Diego Padres Tickets | Seattle Mariners Tickets | Tampa Bay Devil Rays Tickets | Texas Rangers Tickets | Toronto Blue Jays Tickets | Washington DC Nationals Tickets | MLB All Star Game Tickets

NFL Football Tickets

You've also come to the right site for all NFL Football tickets (click here) as well as Super Bowl Party Tickets. Tickets for all NFL teams are here, featuring the...

Arizona Cardinals | Atlanta Falcons | Baltimore Ravens | Buffalo Bills | Carolina Panthers | Cleveland Browns | Chicago Bears | Cincinnati Bengals | Dallas Cowboys | Denver Broncos | Detroit Lions | Green Bay Packers | Houston Texans | Indianapolis Colts | Jacksonville Jaquars | K. C. Chiefs | Miami Dolphins | Minnesota Vikings | New England Patriots | New Orleans Saints | New York Giants | New York Jets | Oakland Raiders | Philadelphia Eagles | Pittsburgh Steelers | San Diego Chargers |San Francisco 49ers | Seattle Seahawks | St. Louis Rams | Tampa Bay Buccaneers | Tennessee Titans | Washington Redskins

NCAA College Football Tickets

We have all NCAA College Football Tickets (click here).

Press this link for Rose Bowl, Sugar Bowl, and all other bowl tickets and feature...
| California Golden Bears Tickets | Notre Dame Fighting Irish Tickets | Stanford Cardinal Tickets | UCLA Bruins Tickets |USC Trojans Tickets | Washington Huskies Tickets

NCAA College Basketball Tickets

Click here to go to the NCAA basketball ticket page, or click on the team below..

| Arizona State Sun Devils Basketball Tickets | Cal Bears Basketball Tickets | De Paul Blue Demons Tickets | Duke Blue Devils Tickets | Georgetown Hoyas Basketball Tickets | Georgia Tech Ramblin' Wreck Basketball Tickets | Kansas Jayhawks Basketball Tickets | Michigan State Spartans Basketball Tickets | Michigan Wolverines Basketball Tickets | Oregon Ducks Basketball Tickets | North Carolina Tar Heels Basketball Tickets | Pitt Panthers Basketball Tickets | Stanford Cardinal Basketball Tickets | UCLA Bruins Basketball Tickets

Featured NYC Broadway Show Tickets, Cirque Du Soleil and Tonight Show Tickets, and Essence Music Festival Tickets

Click here to go to the page for all Broadway Show Tickets...or click on the shows below... Monty Python's Spamalot Tickets | Wicked Tickets | Avenue Q Show Tickets | The Producers Tickets | The Lion King Tickets | Cirque Du Soleil Tickets | The Tonight Show with Jay Leno Tickets | Dora The Explorer and Sesame Street Tickets | The Rockettes (Radio City Music Hall) Tickets | Essence Music Festival Tickets

The Masters Golf Tournament

For The Masters Tournament Tickets click here.

NASCAR Race Day Tickets

We have all NASCAR Tickets for every race this year. Just click here

NBA Basketball Tickets

We have all NBA Basketball Tickets and feature...

Boston Celtics Tickets | Cleveland Cavaliers Tickets |Chicago Bulls Tickets | Dallas Maverics Tickets | Detroit Pistons Tickets | Golden State Warriors Tickets | Indiana Pacers Tickets | LA Lakers Tickets | Miami Heat Tickets | New York Knicks Tickets | Orlando Magic Tickets |Portland Trail Blazers Tickets | San Antonio Spurs Tickets | Sacramento Kings Tickets | Utah Jazz Tickets

NHL Hockey Team Tickets

For NHL Hockey team ticket prices from 1994 to 2004 click here

Atlanta Thrashers Tickets | Boston Bruins Tickets | Calgary Flames Tickets | Los Angeles Kings Tickets | Montreal Canadians Tickets | New Jersey Devils Tickets | New York Rangers Tickets | Ottawa Senators Tickets | Philadelphia Flyers Tickets | Pittsburgh Penguins Tickets | San Jose Sharks Tickets | St. Louis Blues Tickets | Washington Capitals Tickets ... and more hockey tickets here.

Share your thoughts and ideas on our message boards at: The SBS Community Forum

Horse Racing, Boxing, Other Events Tickets

Tickets for Horse Racing, Soccer, Boxing, etc, click here. Tickets for Roy Jones Jr. Las Vegas boxing matches, and other hard-to-get event tickets are here.

If you have questions, call StubHub, directly at 866.788.2482 our primary service partner.Read about StubHub. The alternative to ticket brokers and scalpers.

Travel Plans and Tickets

You can also order airline and hotel reservations to see the game or concert.

Hey! Looking for a sports throwback jersey? How about a Raiders cap or an A-Rod jersey? Click here to buy almost any kind of sports clothing you can imagine!

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