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Atlanta Falcons Football Ticket Exchange
Tickets for each of the home games of the Atlanta Falcons are listed here. The Falcons have the incomparable QB Michael Vick. If you're traveling to Atlanta, GA for a game, get airline reservations and hotel accomodations with just a click here.
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Atlanta Falcons 2006 Season Home Games at The Georgia Dome - Tickets
Event Date Venue Price Range
Cincinnati Bengals at Atlanta Falcons Tickets (Preseason) 8/278-27-2007
8:00 PM
Georgia Dome in Atlanta, GA$11 - $7889Buy Sell
Baltimore Ravens at Atlanta Falcons Tickets (Preseason) 8/318-31-2007
7:00 PM
Georgia Dome in Atlanta, GA$12 - $7895Buy Sell
2007 Atlanta Falcons Tickets - Season Package (Includes Tickets for all Regular Season Home Games.) Georgia Dome in Atlanta, GA$449 - $7903Buy Sell
Carolina Panthers at Atlanta Falcons Tickets 9/239-23-2007
4:15 PM
Georgia Dome in Atlanta, GA$63 - $7913Buy Sell
Houston Texans at Atlanta Falcons Tickets 9/309-30-2007
1:00 PM
Georgia Dome in Atlanta, GA$48 - $7918Buy Sell
New York Giants at Atlanta Falcons Tickets 10/1510-15-2007
8:30 PM
Georgia Dome in Atlanta, GA$68 - $7925Buy Sell
San Francisco 49ers at Atlanta Falcons Tickets 11/411-4-2007
1:00 PM
Georgia Dome in Atlanta, GA$50 - $7935Buy Sell
Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Atlanta Falcons Tickets 11/1811-18-2007
1:00 PM
Georgia Dome in Atlanta, GA$51 - $7940Buy Sell
Indianapolis Colts at Atlanta Falcons Tickets 11/2211-22-2007
1:00 PM
Georgia Dome in Atlanta, GA$98 - $7941Buy Sell
New Orleans Saints at Atlanta Falcons Tickets 12/1012-10-2007
8:30 PM
Georgia Dome in Atlanta, GA$70 - $7946Buy Sell
Seattle Seahawks at Atlanta Falcons Tickets 12/3012-30-2007
1:00 PM
Georgia Dome in Atlanta, GA$39 - $7951Buy Sell

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Atlanta Falcons News and Notes

Randy Moss in Oakland - Moss and Raiders Ready for 2005

Welcome to Oakland, where the 2005 offseason has become the Summer of Love.

The Raiders love Randy Moss, and he loves the Raiders. Moss loves Oakland coach Norv Turner and his staff. Other players love their glorified new teammate. The Black Hole loves its season tickets again, and the league loves the royalties from all those freshly purchased, silver-and-black No. 18 jerseys.

Forget for a moment the squirt bottle and the panto-mooning, the dust-up with the traffic cop and the "I play when I want to play" statement. The Raiders are slobbering over the athletic talents of a guy who can run, leap and catch as well as anyone on the planet. And after Moss' first 15 or so practices with his new team this offseason, nothing had happened to sour the happy notes.

"Randy is really a student of the game, and of players," Turner says. "When you get in those meetings and hear him talk about plays, about coverages, how to attack a defense, he has a feel for why things are being done. That helps him learn the system a lot faster."

As Moss devours Turner's playbook, defensive coaches-especially those in the AFC West-are plotting ways to neutralize one of the few NFL players who can single-handedly change the dynamics of a game.

"I know from experience with Randy, a lot of times what you see on film from an opponent over 16 games is a lot different from what you get on game day," says Raiders guard Brad Badger, who played with Moss in Minnesota in 2000 and '01. "He changes the coverages. Teams have to be careful of the deep middle. In the running game, not a lot of teams want to bring eight men into the box."

Titans general manager Floyd Reese says, "Even when he was injured last year, you'd still see coverages rolling toward him. It's suicide to line up and try to play him man-to-man-and even with zone coverage if you don't shade his way."

Moss will get his catches in Oakland. What really will define the Raiders' offensive output is how well their other players complement their new star and how well Turner and his staff take advantage of the imbalance that is certain to occur when defenses focus on Moss.

"Minnesota did that to some extent but not to the extreme they could have," Seahawks pro personnel director Will Lewis says. "I think things will open up for the tight end that wouldn't have been there otherwise. ... The running backs could be used a little more in the passing game, and the running game in general could be a little better. There are a lot of ways for (Moss) to complement the other threats in that offense."

Indeed, most of the Raiders' offensive players will get tangible benefits from Moss' commanding presence. Some will take on extra burdens. But one thing is certain: Football will not be business as usual for them, thanks to the Randy Ripple.

© 2005 The Sporting News

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