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The SBS Sports and Concert Tickets Exchange FAQs

Need NFL, Madonna, MLB or any other entertainment tickets? Click here to use the StubHub Ticket Exchange System - better than using a broker.

Q: What does The SBS Sports and Concert Tickets Exchange do?
A: The SBS Ticket Mall permits you to purchase or to sell sports and concert event tickets to major productions and games around the US and the World.

Q: Why is SBS in the online ticket sales and reselling business?
A: The idea of SBS from the beginning was to have different sports-related products. This is one of what will be many offerings, but simulations are our core product.

Q: How does the SBS Ticket Mall work?
A: It's basically easy. All you have to do is locate the concert or sports event your interested in, and purchase tickets for that date. You can also sell your unused tickets here. It's all in conjunction with StubHub.Com

Q: Why StubHub?
A: Unlike other online ticket resellers, StubHub does not serve as a broker. The process is that people who have tickets to sell can post them for sale, and others purchase those tickets. Thus, ticket prices vary: some are far below face value. StubHub also guarantees the completion of the sale process and delivery of money to the seller.

When you post with SBS / StubHub, you take advantage of a huge community of ticket buyers. Your tickets are available through websites throughout the StubHub network, including StubHub.Com, America Online (AOL), The SportingNews, Knight Ridder Digital, USA Today, and many others.

With StubHub, all delivery costs are paid by the ticket buyer. Payment is processed by StubHub and is guaranteed. Moreover, there are no fees for listing your tickets if they do not sell.

For the ticket buyer, this is a safer process than finding a ticket for sale on an Internet community site, then making arrangements to meet the seller, only to find that they have not arrived, or worse, want to rob you. That simply can't happen here.

Q: What does SBS gain from working with StubHub?
A: The SBS website design permits "at a glance" viewing of games and tickets available. In addition to the great working relationship we have with StubHub, SBS is fast becoming an expert in the proper operation of the secondary ticket market. This knoweldge is valuable to our sports management and marketing students who want to have a more complete understanding of the sports industry.

SBS Ticket Seller's Guide

Q: How do I create a seller's account?
A: Once on the StubHub homepage, click 'Login/Register' (on the left navigation panel) and then follow the blue 'Sign Up Now' link to the registration page. You will also be prompted to create an account when you first attempt to sell your tickets. And so, if you have already found the game for which you have extras, simply click 'Sell Your Tickets.'

Q. Do I need to deal with Buyers?
A: Nope - StubHub handles everything for you, so that you never need to interact with potential buyers. (Unlike on eBay or other systems, where you often need to haggle and meet someone on a street corner!)

Q. How do I get paid?
A: StubHub pays you directly, so you never need to worry about a buyer not coming through with your cash. Just 5-7 business days after your tickets have been delivered, StubHub will deposit your payment directly into a PayPal account, where you can have it transfered to your bank account or have a check sent to you.

Q. Do I pay for shipping?
A: No - the buyer pays for shipping. Once your tickets sell, StubHub will even give you a FedEx label. Just print it out and ship the tickets - it's that easy.

Q. Do you have any tips for selling tickets?
A: Yes - check out the prices for similar tickets on StubHub. Remember: if you see tickets posted, they haven't sold. So price your tickets about 10-20 percent lower than the ones visible on the site, so that yours look the best.

Q. What is the convenience fee?
A: To cover the cost of managing your transaction, StubHub requests a 15 percent cut of your total selling price. You may want to keep this in mind when setting the price of your tickets. (Considering that StubHub handles everything for you, this fee seems pretty reasonable.)

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