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Cincinnati Bengals at Cleveland Browns Tickets 9/169-16-2007
1:00 PM
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Miami Dolphins at Cleveland Browns Tickets 10/1410-14-2007
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Houston Texans at Cleveland Browns Tickets 11/2511-25-2007
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Buffalo Bills at Cleveland Browns Tickets 12/1612-16-2007
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San Francisco 49ers at Cleveland Browns Tickets 12/3012-30-2007
1:00 PM
Cleveland Browns Stadium in Cleveland, OH$17 - $650Buy Sell

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Cleveland Browns 2005 News and Notes

Golic: Romeo's approach works

By Steve King, Staff Writer
May 13, 2005

Former Browns nose tackle Bob Golic's one-liners had them nearly rolling into the aisles May 9 at the final meeting of the 2004-05 year for the Pro Football Hall of Fame Luncheon Club.

"I went up to the official and said, ‘Did you see the way he was holding on to me?'" Golic recalled of an encounter with Pittsburgh Steelers Hall of Fame center Mike Webster. "The official looks at me and says, "Yeah, he really had you good, didn't he?'"

And no penalty was called.

But amidst all of the humor at the Four Winds Restaurant near Canton were some pointed comments about serious issues, including some opinions about Browns head coach Romeo Crennel.

"Romeo is not someone who likes flashy players," Golic said. "He wants guys who just chip away and play solid ball.

"If what he helped do in New England is any indication, with the way he used hard-working guys to have so much success, then I think it will work out for him in Cleveland. I think he will do fine.

"That's the kind of players people in this town have always related to – blue-collar guys who give it everything they've got all the time."

Golic knows of what he speaks. He knows Cleveland. He knows the Browns.

He was a Browns fan growing up in Cleveland, where he graduated from St. Joseph High School (now Villa Angela-St. Joseph) in 1975. After finishing his second pro season with New England, he was sitting in the bleachers – "They didn't call it the Dawg Pound then," he pointed out – for the Browns' Red Right 88 AFC divisional playoff game against the Oakland Raiders in January 1981.

Golic then played for the Browns for seven seasons (1982-88) and, as a three-time Pro Bowler, was part of one of the most successful periods in team history, being in the playoffs five times (and narrowly missing a sixth) and making it to two straight conference title games.

He told two stories that, in his eyes, epitomize what Browns football is all about.

"My dad (Bob Sr., who played seven years in the Canadian Football League and still lives in the Cleveland area with his wife), taped the intro before the telecast of one of our home playoff games," Golic said. "I went back later and watched it. They showed an aerial view of the city, and there wasn't a car to be seen on the streets. Everybody was either at the (Cleveland) Stadium or they were home watching the game on television. That's what Browns football is all about."

Golic also talked about The Drive game, the Browns' AFC title contest against the Denver Broncos following the 1986 season.

"After they beat us with the field goal – which was wide left, by the way – this big ol' stadium, which was packed to the rafters with standing room only, went dead silent," he said. "It was as if someone had ripped the fans' hearts out, which is exactly what happened.

"But while we were still unpiling from that last play, the fans started cheering. They were cheering us because we had come that far. It just goes to show the connection that the fans have to this team. I've never seen that anywhere like it is here in Cleveland."

That is a big part of the reason why Golic is back in the area. After finishing his 14-year NFL career in 1992 after four seasons with the then Los Angeles Raiders, and then spending a good portion of the time since in sports broadcasting in the Southern California area and nationally, he returned to Northeast Ohio in January to host a general talk radio show. From 3 to 7 p.m. each Monday through Friday, he can be heard on Kent-Akron's WNIR-FM (100.1).

In addition, Golic is a columnist on this website and will write for the Browns' new weekly newspaper, Browns Huddle. He has also been selected as the color analyst this season for Browns preseason telecasts on WOIO-TV (Channel 19) and may work on other team-related shows on the station.

Golic's family has remained in Los Angeles for the time being, but once his children have finished the school year there, they and his wife will join him in Cleveland, where they plan to make their home.

"When you're single or just married – actually, better single than just married – Los Angeles is a lot of fun," he said. "But now that I have a family, it's not fun anymore. I wanted to get out of L.A. It's not a place to raise kids. I don't like the things that are going on out there.

"I grew up in the Midwest, and other than my wardrobe, I think I turned out OK."

Golic was dressed in all black, including a black do-rag that seemed to go with his beard. As such, it appeared as if he had walked right out of the Raiders media guide.

Looking down at a body that looks to carry about the same number of pounds he had during his playing days, he laughed and said, "They say black is very slimming."

But Golic has never lost his connection with his Browns' roots.

"The old Stadium, as nasty as it was, it was a lot of memories," he said. "And that's what makes the personality of your team.

"That's the nice thing about Romeo. He wants guys like we were when we played for the Browns. He wants guys who just love to play the game."

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