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Sports Jersey and Clothing News and Notes

The Rise of the Throwback Jersey

By Duffy Hery Published: Monday, October 27, 2003 in The Central Florida Future

Walking around campus, one might see the jerseys of Bo Jackson, Clyde Drexler and Wilt Chamberlain. But these players aren't coming out of retirement; it's the newest style in jerseys and sportswear. Jerseys, hats and warm-up jackets have recently been featuring the vintage logos of the biggest professional sports teams.

This also includes authentic jerseys of world famous players in their professional, college and even high school jerseys.

The term "throwback" comes from what is called "throwback days," when NFL teams wear an original-stlye jersey. The name stuck after apparel from all sports and teams were created. "I like wearing [throwbacks] because it's cool to wear a jersey that not a lot of people have," said junior Neville McFarlane.

McFarlane has several jerseys that include "Pistol" Pete Maravich of the New Orleans Jazz, and Michael Jordan's Washington Bullets jersey. "[Throwback jerseys] can be described as jerseys that are rare, or the new re-creations, but either way they have to be authentic," said McFarlane.

The new re-creations come from the company Mitchell & Ness, which has been recreating jerseys for all popular sports teams in all the major American sports. It's hard to pinpoint exactly when this trend began to take off, but rapper P. Diddy was one of the first, wearing an authentic New York Yankees Reggie Jackson jersey in a music video.

Fellow rappers Ludacris, Jermaine Dupree and Outkast have all been spotted in public or in their own videos wearing the old-time jerseys.

Lately, current athletes have started wearing the throwback. The Chicago Bulls' Jalen Rose and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers' Warren Sapp each have large collections. Sapp has stated that he has more than 200 different jerseys in his closet.

Junior Geron Montenegro has recently been trying to get a hold of a particular replica for his own reasons. "I've been trying to get O.J. Simpson's jersey. I figure it'd be cool to wear the jersey of a killer," said Montenegro.

While this fashion trend is slowly getting bigger, so are the prices. They range from $70 to more than $400 per jersey. However, people are buying them at these high prices.

A leading seller of throwbacks is Just Sports USA, a store inside the Mall at Millennia. They've been selling throwbacks for the past year, with an average of about 20 per month.

John Marini, a spokesperson for the store, feels the trend is definitely here to stay. "Our biggest sellers have been the Dan Marino, Joe Montana, and Bo Jackson jerseys," said Marini. He also said that these jerseys have been sold before, but mostly to collectors to frame on their walls. "Right now, it's been mostly a fashion [trend] rather than a collection trend. I got guys coming in here saying they're going to a party and need a good looking throwback to wear," said Marini.

The List 2003 - Dopest Throwback Jerseys Spotted by Ben Quinones - LA Weekly

10 Earl Campbell's #20 burnt-orange '70s University of Texas Throwback Jersey. The teenager wearing it at the Lakewood Mall didn't have the lower body, but then again only an ox had that kind of ass.

9 Roger Staubach's #12 blue Dallas Cowboys Throwback Jersey. This Mexican cat was throwing up the dub while wearing it at the private Westside Connection show in Agoura Hills. Blue, plain, tight.

8 Marty McSorley's #33 black L.A. Kings Throwback Jersey. In line to buy beer at a Kings game in Staples Center when this big white dude wearing it almost crosschecked me. Reminded me of 1993 Stanley Cup run. McSorley could throw blows, but his "illegal" curved stick cost us the championship.

7 Willie McCovey's #44 black Giants Throwback Jersey. Seen at the new Pac Bell Park in San Francisco, watching the Dodgers beat their upstate rivals. Hey, they named a cove after him.

6 Nolan Ryan's #34 early-'80s Houston Astros Throwback Jersey. Hideous orange stripes with a big blue star. Some homeboy on Hollywood Boulevard had the matching hat to go with it. Ryan threw his fifth no-hitter in it against the Dodgers in a nationally televised game on September 26, 1981.

5 Dick Butkus' #51 white Chicago Bears Throwback Jersey. This Hall of Fame dude could mash, and the Weekly's Big Bad Robert Gallardo wears it well.

4 Gayle Sayers' #40 dark-blue Chicago Bears Throwback Jersey. Rapper Xzibit sported it at a Rhyme Night event. Can't go wrong with khakis and Chuck Taylors.

3 Magic Johnson's #32 '88 West All-Star Throwback Jersey. Never met Magic, but I got a picture of me with DMC from Run-DMC wearing it onstage at the House of Blues.

2 Jerry West's #44 blue West Virginia Throwback Jersey. A hardcore Lakers fan was wearing it on the Blue Line. You know you're badass when the NBA logo is created in your image yes, that's Jerry's silhouette dribbling the ball.

1 Lester Hayes' #37 black Raiders Throwback Jersey. Ice Cube asked me, "Did it come with Stick 'Em?" Na man, no Stick 'Em. But like "The Judge," I'll put a hit on y'all Raider Haters 'cause I wear the patch.

A-Rod's NY Move and Jersey Value

A-Rod's Endorsement Potential Boosted with NY Move

Apryl Duncan

When Alex Rodriguez made the trek from Texas to New York, he upped his endorsement deal opportunities. That's good news to the MLB who's trailing other sports in celebrity endorsements.

While A-Rod is the highest paid player in Major League Baseball, he only has one endorsement deal. That may change now that he's making the New York Yankees his home.

A-Rod's sole deal is with Nike. Experts say his exposure in Texas with a struggling team hindered the endorsement deals from coming in.

Now sports marketers predict he could double his off the field income with new deals. A-Rod's lineup since the switch could include:


His current deal with Nike stretches into the 10-year mark. Nike shares two high profile baseball teammatates: A-Rod and Derek Jeter.

Nike execs won't say what they have planned for A-Rod. But in 2001, a national Nike ad campaign welcomed Jason Giambi to the Yankees.

New York Yankees

A-Rod's the highest paid player in the MLB and he's now a part of a high profile team. The Yankees put his voice on the office's recorded greeting almost immediately after the trade was announced. Expect to see more of A-Rod's advertising side as the baseball season kicks off.


You can already find replica A-Rod Yankees jerseys for about $70 at Modell's. Lesser priced A-Rod Yankees T-shirts also hit the shelves right after the deal became official and reportedly flew off the shelves just as fast.


A-Rod's one of many featured in the "I Live for This" ad campaign. He's also seen in the "Countdown to Opening Day" ads that began airing on Super Bowl Sunday.

A prime scenario would be a team up of A-Rod and Jeter. With the teammates sharing deals with Nike, you could see a double play featuring both Yankees.

And speaking of the Yankees, the team will want to take advantage of the new talent in ads for the baseball season. His first duties as a Yankee will begin at home but you're also likely to see endorsements for FOX and ESPN.

Experts warn that A-Rod's endorsements and national ad attention won't be an automatic done deal. But with multimillion dollar standout endorsers in the NBA, NFL, PGA and in tennis topping the current baseball deals, the MLB is as excited about A-Rod's new gig as Yankees fans.


Below is a list of the most popular NBA jerseys so far this season. The NBA jerseys are ranked as per combined sales on the NBA's official website's online store and in their official store in Manhattan up to the above date.



1. LeBron James*

2. Carmelo Anthony*

3. Tracy McGrady

4. Allen Iverson

5. Kobe Bryant

6. Jason Kidd

7. Shaquille O'Neal

8. Paul Pierce

9. Allan Houston

10. Tim Duncan

11. Vince Carter

12. Kevin Garnett

13. Latrell Sprewell

14. Rasheed Wallace*

15. Gary Payton

16. Scottie Pippen*

17. Chris Webber

18. Yao Ming

19. Jalen Rose (Chicago)

20. Dirk Nowitzki

21. Michael Finley

22. Jermaine O'Neal*

23. Mike Bibby*

24. Amare Stoudemire*

25. Steve Nash*


1. Los Angeles Lakers

2. Philadelphia 76ers

3. Cleveland Cavaliers**

4. New York Knicks

5. Denver Nuggets**

6. Boston Celtics

7. New Jersey Nets

8. Chicago Bulls

9. Orlando Magic

10. San Antonio Spurs**

* - Player did not appear on 2002-03 year-end list

** - Team did not appear on 2002-03 year-end list

The Marketing of Big Ben

Darren Rovell, ESPN.Com

Jeff Trebac is sometimes sorry he even invented the "Roethlisburger."

Last month, as the owner of Peppi's, Trebec dreamed up the sandwich of ground beef, sausage, scrambled eggs, grilled onions and American cheese. But ever since the sandwich's namesake -- Pittsburgh Steelers rookie quarterback Ben Roethlisberger -- has been torching NFL defenses, the demand for the local hero's hero has made lines longer and the space on the grills in his four shops limited.

"It's out of freaking control," said Trebec, who this week has been selling more than 150 Roethlisburgers a day for $7 apiece, not including tax. Roethlisberger wears number 7. "People are coming all the way from Ohio (his home state) to get them. The problem is, it's a logistical nightmare. It takes more than 10 minutes to make it and we need more grills if this keeps up."

Those who finish the sandwich, which weighs about a pound, can even buy a t-shirt that reads, "I tackled the 'Roethlisburger.'"

Roethlisberger, who was the No. 11 overall pick in this year's draft, is quickly emerging on the radar of the league's most marketable players. Not only has Roethlisberger become the first rookie in the NFL to win his first five starts since Phil Simms accomplished the feat in 1979, but he also won his fifth straight game last Sunday by stopping the New England Patriots' 21-game winning streak. That game was the most watched game on CBS this season, drawing 21.3 million viewers.

"We've been flooded with calls," said his agent Leigh Steinberg. "But it's too quick for us to respond because we want him to concentrate on the field. With Troy Aikman and Steve Young, we waited to do anything major until a few years into their career and it worked out."

Steinberg is also looking for long-term national endorsement deals, which haven't been offered since he was drafted. Local companies have inquired about striking deals to put Roethlisberger's name and likeness on their beverage, food and candy.

Steinberg's client has already earned several hundred thousand dollars from his deal with Campbell's Soup, his shoe apparel deal with Nike and sports card deals.

Roethlisberger's Steelers No. 7 was ranked No. 24 on the NFLShop.com's list of best-selling jerseys in data compiled through sales on Sept. 25. But when more recent retail information is released, sales of Roethlisberger jerseys are expected to inch closer to those of New York Giants rookie and No. 1 overall draft pick Eli Manning, who ranked No. 5 on the jersey list.

Last month, before Roethlisberger and the Steelers vanquished the Dallas Cowboys, Cowboys head coach Bill Parcells compared Roethlisberger to Dan Marino, saying Big Ben "is the best (quarterback) prospect I have seen in 10 or 15 years."

Since Parcells opened his mouth and the Steelers continued winning with a 22-year-old at the helm, more than half of the orders for Pittsburgh Steelers jerseys have been for No. 7, according to Reebok officials.

"In the modern era of sports marketing, demand for a rookie quarterback's jersey has likely never been higher," said Eddie White, Reebok's vice president of team properties. Luckily, for Reebok, letters come cheap.

At 14 letters, Roethlisberger is tied with former Pittsburgh Steelers fullback Chris Fuamatu-Ma'afala and Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver T.J. Houshmandzadeh for the longest name in the NFL. But an authentic Roethlisberger jersey costs $260 at retail, the same as a Hines Ward jersey.

Reebok, which is the official supplier of the league, could actually use a big seller. Thanks to Ricky Williams' abrupt retirement before the season, thousands of jerseys with the running back's name and number, in every size and Dolphins color available, are sitting at the company's warehouses in Indianapolis and Cincinnati.

"Ben's jersey sales will maybe help absorb the punch we took in the stomach," White said.

Roethlisberger collectibles are also flying off shelves.

Autographed draft day photos on Roethlisberger's official Web site sell for $49.99, but those looking for signed action photos will have to pay four times that price. The Highland Mint is having Roethlisberger sign 107 autographed photos this week and the suggested retail for those that managed to get in on the deal is $200.

"If he wins this weekend, it's probably going to go up to $300," said Vince Bohbot, vice president of The Highland Mint. "Steelers fans have been waiting for a star like this for a long time and I think a lot of people already think that he is the missing piece."

Prices of autographed Roethlisberger cards have already skyrocketed. An autographed jersey card of Roethlisberger sold for $711 on eBay on Monday night.

Sports marketer Frank Vuono says that the fact that Roethlisberger plays for the Steelers is very appealing to memorabilia dealers.

"It's a national team that has a tremendous amount of fans," said Vuono, one of the founders of The Quarterback Club, the marketing alliance in the 90s that pooled all the rights of the league's quarterbacks for marketing purposes.

"There was a time before the draft that we thought that Ben might go to New York," said Steinberg, who represented former Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Kordell Stewart. "But there are many ways, from a marketing perspective, that Pittsburgh is better for him. He has the upbringing, temperament and toughness of this blue-collar town and (Steelers head coach) Bill Cowher's jutting chin juxtaposes with the way Ben is willing to throw his body into the pile."

Steinberg says he has no intention of calling Trebac any time soon to insist that his client get a cut of sales from the "Roethlisburger."

"We'll let it run for a little while, since it's funny more than anything," Steinberg said. "You can get into policing it, but we probably wouldn't do that unless a major chain started doing something."

Steinberg should pay attention. The way Roethlisberger is playing, Peppi's may turn into a major chain sometime in the very near future.


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