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Cincinnati Bengals Season Tickets Exchange
Tickets for each of the home games of the Cincinnati Bengals are listed here. If you're traveling to Cincinnati for a game, get airline reservations and hotel accomodations with just a click here.
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Cincinnati Bengals Home Games - Tickets
Event Date Venue Price Range
New Orleans Saints at Cincinnati Bengals Tickets (Preseason) 8/188-18-2007
7:30 PM
Paul Brown Stadium in Cincinnati, OH$21 - $1412Buy Sell
Indianapolis Colts at Cincinnati Bengals Tickets (Preseason) 8/318-31-2007
7:30 PM
Paul Brown Stadium in Cincinnati, OH$25 - $295Buy Sell
2007 Cincinnati Bengals Tickets - Season Package (Includes Tickets for all Regular Season Home Games.) Paul Brown Stadium in Cincinnati, OH$800 - $5900Buy Sell
Baltimore Ravens at Cincinnati Bengals Tickets 9/109-10-2007
7:00 PM
Paul Brown Stadium in Cincinnati, OH$109 - $1000Buy Sell
New England Patriots at Cincinnati Bengals Tickets 10/110-1-2007
8:30 PM
Paul Brown Stadium in Cincinnati, OH$114 - $743Buy Sell
New York Jets at Cincinnati Bengals Tickets 10/2110-21-2007
4:05 PM
Paul Brown Stadium in Cincinnati, OH$90 - $471Buy Sell
Pittsburgh Steelers at Cincinnati Bengals Tickets 10/2810-28-2007
1:00 PM
Paul Brown Stadium in Cincinnati, OH$130 - $858Buy Sell
Arizona Cardinals at Cincinnati Bengals Tickets 11/1811-18-2007
1:00 PM
Paul Brown Stadium in Cincinnati, OH$80 - $1125Buy Sell
Tennessee Titans at Cincinnati Bengals Tickets 11/2511-25-2007
1:00 PM
Paul Brown Stadium in Cincinnati, OH$87 - $471Buy Sell
St. Louis Rams at Cincinnati Bengals Tickets 12/912-9-2007
1:00 PM
Paul Brown Stadium in Cincinnati, OH$88 - $471Buy Sell
Cleveland Browns at Cincinnati Bengals Tickets 12/2312-23-2007
1:00 PM
Paul Brown Stadium in Cincinnati, OH$92 - $589Buy Sell

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Cincinnati Bengals 2005 News and Notes

Marvin Lewis News Conference

8/24/2005 - Transcript of Marvin Lewis's preseason news conference.

Opening comments:
It looks like these guys will not play at Philadelphia: Willie Anderson, Caleb Miller, Shayne Graham, Reggie Kelly, Greg Brooks, Madieu Williams, and Belton Johnson. Peter Warrick and Kelley Washington, we'll see how they are before the game.

Q: What separates a player from others in special teams play?
His ability to make plays in those situations. It's blocking, tackling, defeating a block, getting down the field, understanding assignments all the time and going out and executing it. That s one thing we really work hard at, having an opportunity to evaluate these guys during the preseason. I think our players realize that s important and that could be their opportunity to make this football team.

Q: Is Carson Palmer the type of player who will respond to your demand of better execution?
I think our whole football team responds, and we re all on notice. I didn t put Carson on notice, I put our football team on notice that we need to throw it, catch it, block it, and do everything better, and that s important. Every time we step out there, we want to do it better than we did the last time. And Carson knows that s his responsibility. The thing that I said that you re referring to was the guys needed to be where they re supposed to be. And when the ball got there, they need to make the catches.

Q: How important is it to see Peter Warrick get out onto the field before you can evaluate him?
Every time, every player, it s important for us to see as much as we can. Peter wants to go out there and play well. He wants an opportunity to go play well, so it s important for every single player.

Q: Have you seen enough from him that you could make an evaluation?
Whatever I ve seen is what I ve seen. That s all I can do.

Q: Do you feel the offense has more pressure because they are the only team returning all 11 starters?
I don t think there s any more pressure. We have a responsibility every time, everything we do. Whether it s the first time together or the last time together, there s a responsibility to play winning football. It doesn t change. Our goals don t change.

Q: Is it a good opportunity to play the NFC champion Eagles in the preseason to evaluate your team?
Every time we step out there, it s important to play well. And I can t control who s on the other side of the field. I can only control how we play and how we re going to play. But we re playing against a good team, a good physical team on the front. They ve got a great quarterback. They ve got some talented skill players. They play very aggressively on defense. Their special teams have to be as good as anybody in the league.

They re productive there in both coverage and returns. So, I think it s a great challenge for us. They ve got great kickers, punters. I said when we started the preseason that we play 4 very, very good teams, and that s a good thing for us, because they re physical and they attack you. And that s what we have to be to play in our division.

Q: Does walking into the circus involving Terrell Owens in Philadelphia concern you at all?
I don t think that concerns our guys. It doesn t even concern their football team, I don t believe. It s not any concern of ours. We ve got to just go play football with the way that we know how to play it, and T.O. will do his things. He is a very talented player.

Q: How important is it for your team that you had a very quiet, uneventful training camp compared to the turmoil that is going on in Philadelphia?
This is a team sport, and that s what we re trying to produce all the time. Our focus has got to be on the Cleveland Browns..

Q: What are your impressions of Bryan Robinson and John Thornton playing in the middle of your defensive line?
We ve been very, very pleased with Bryan. I think he has helped our entire group defensively. We ve added another true professional that is really playing well. Flipping John over (from left defensive tackle to right defensive tackle) like we did has been great. We started doing that, I believe, in the Philadelphia game last year. It was good for us to get John over there, and now bringing Bryan in to play the other side opposite him has been very good.

And the flip of Justin (Smith from right defensive end to left defensive end) and Robert (Geathers) on the field has also helped. But we love Bryan s professionalism, his ability to understand football in the front, blocking, formations, and all the things that superior defensive lineman can do. They take it another step. They help things and they enable you to take a little step forward and understand why things occur. You hear those guys talking, and that s good. And all that does is going to help the younger guys. They re trying to learn how to play and be professionals and mature a little more quickly.

Q: Is there a benefit of playing the Eagles so recently, during the last game of the season in 2004?
We didn t have to do new cut-ups. We had the work, we had the report that we did last year on them, and those things are consistent. We ve been through the tape to see what new things they want to do this year. They have some new guys. They re different at some positions. But we don t want to spend a lot of time. I think in preseason, you want your fundamentals of what you do to hold true, and you go from there.

Q: Where did you come up with the slogan “DO YOUR JOB”?
Just do your job. That s what it is. Whether it s me, whether it s you, just do your job. I say it every day all the time, 24/7. Do your job. That s what it is, being a professional. I said it from the first time I walked into this door, that it was our responsibility to do our job. Whatever that job is. It s important and I think for our football team that s something that gets overlooked at times. They want to do my job. They want to do your job, just like I want to do your job. You know what I m saying? Just do my job.

We take it down to that level of focus. That s how we re going to become a better football team, if everybody in this building does their jobs to the utmost each and every day. Don t tell me how to do mine, or worry about the left guards, or the right tackles, or the left split end, let s just do your job and everything will be happening.

Q: How important is to have a bunch of quality guys in the locker room?
I like our football team. I like everything about it. I enjoy every day. We come here to work every day. I think all of our people enjoy that. We like how they work. We know when we walk downstairs in the morning if we ve got 74 guys on our roster, there s going to be 74 guys sitting in that room. And I think that s important. When we walk out there on the field, we can expect 73 of them and then Rudi (Johnson) to be following right behind (laughs).

But that s easy, when you know who the last guy s going to be all the time. And I think that s important for our team. These guys have fought hard and we ve been down this road. But now it s time to do our job, reap the rewards of all our hard work.

I think our guys were a little taken aback this week. They thought we were going to come back (from training camp) and come to some country club. And we came back here and went right to work. And that s what this is about. We re not going to achieve our goals without working hard and continuing to work hard. We can t go up and down. Each and every day, we ve got a goal in mind and things we re going to get accomplished. And that s the way we re going to work.

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