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Fans to scramble to get coveted Series tickets

Northwest Herald

Most of the fans who will watch the White Sox at U.S. Cellular Field in the 2005 World Series either will pay a fortune or know somebody who knows somebody who can score tickets.

Except for a "couple thousand" people a game who are lucky enough to buy tickets at face value. The people who, at noon today, will have their fingers on their redial buttons or frantically clicking their computer mouses, doing everything they can for their shot at what could be a once-in-a-lifetime series.

The tickets range in price from $125 and $185. A White Sox spokesman would not say how many tickets would be available, just "a couple thousand" for each of the four potential home games.

If fans cannot get a ticket today, they must resort to resale tickets online, which all are going for more than $1,000 a piece.

Everybody has a tip or trick that has worked in the past to get tickets, but no one can deny that it depends mostly on luck.

"I'll just keep calling and calling," said Vernon W. Kays Jr. of Marengo.

Kays, a lifelong White Sox fan, watched his team lose Game 6 of the 1959 World Series. His father, who was there in 1959, also watched the White Sox in the 1919 Series.

Kays said he had 20 friends and relatives who also would be trying to get tickets, which he could use if they were successful.

The trick, Kays said, is to call a Ticketmaster number outside Chicago to get through before the games are sold out.

The tickets that Kays got for the American League Championship Series were obtained by calling an Atlanta number, he said.

"I just wouldn't call the Chicago number," he said.

But Ticketmaster spokeswoman Bonnie Poindexter said that all calls went to centralized calling centers, and calling different numbers should not help in getting through.

The "several thousand" tickets available for each ALCS game sold out in 48 minutes.

If you do not get a ticket today, and do not want to pay thousands of dollars for one, there might be a few more options, some fans said.

"You can scalp for cash a lot cheaper than you can on a Web site," said Tony Pena, a White Sox fan from Woodstock. "As soon as the first inning hits and they haven't dumped them yet, [tickets will] drop in price."

Sean Pate, spokesman for www.stubhub.com, a ticket resale Web site, said ticket prices usually dropped considerably after a series started.

"It may be your best bet to get a game after the series starts," Pate said. "[Previously,] prices went up until the day of the game, and then they actually came down about 30 percent."

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