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Kofi Bonner of Lennar shows new San Francisco 49ers stadium / neighborhood plan for the Bayview Hunter's Point

SAN FRANCISCO -- Kofi Bonner of Lennar unveiled plans today at the San Francisco Board of Supervisors for an innovative new Candlestick Point neighborhood that would feature as its centerpiece a new stadium for the San Francisco 49ers and include an 8,000-10,000 seat arena, new market rate and affordable housing, retail and entertainment uses, public parks and open space, and improved access to the San Francisco Bay shoreline.

UPDATE: Kofi Bonner: Hired Carmen Policy for 49ers Stadium Project

The presentation was the first public viewing of the mixed-use/stadium development that was created as part of the 49ers stadium project. "We strongly believe that our proposed plan for Candlestick Point serves both the 49ers and the community of Bayview Hunters Point and we look forward to making refinements to the plan that inevitably occur as a result of the public review process," said Kofi Bonner, president of Lennar Communities Bay Area Urban Division, the company selected by the 49ers and The City to create a new home for the NFL team as well as bring new housing and job opportunities to San Francisco.

On Nov. 8, 49ers co-owner John York surprised Kofi Bonner, the City of San Francisco, Lennar, football fans and the public when he announced that the York family was making Santa Clara their first choice for a new football stadium after almost a decade of team efforts to build a stadium in San Francisco and almost a year of meetings on this specific plan. Mayor Gavin Newsom requested the Board of Supervisors call today's hearing to view and evaluate the various elements of the plan.

The Candlestick Point plan will create a new transit-oriented neighborhood within the existing Bayview Hunters Point community that provides football fans, current and future residents with improved connections to Caltrain, Light Rail Transit, and bus service and provides improved traffic flow, parking and day-of-game experience for 49ers fans traveling to and from the new stadium.

The proposed plan will create 6,500 new homes, a new 8,000-10,000 seat arena, approximately 400,000 sq. ft of retail and entertainment uses, 150,000 sq. ft. of office space, a new 200 room hotel, and over 150 acres of parks and open space. In addition, the new development is expected to provide approximately 3,000 new permanent jobs and preserve the 2,000 day-of-game jobs.

"We created this development with three objectives," said Bonner. "To create a memorable and exciting fan experience for the 49ers faithful, to transform Candlestick Point into a vibrant and viable mixed-use sustainable community that will appeal to our home buyers, and at the same time provide much needed jobs and housing."

At the heart of the game day experience are the new "urban tailgating" opportunities provided by the various sports bars, restaurants and live music venues clustered along the retail street leading to the stadium plaza. For the traditional tailgaters, the plan includes approximately 3,500 spaces to tailgate -- ranging from the roof of the new parking structure to one of the most beautiful tailgating venues in the world, a revitalized State Park along the San Francisco shoreline.

The plan includes new recreational opportunities for the public through improvements to the Candlestick Point State Park, the creation of walking paths, the expansion of the Bay Trail, new bike paths and water-oriented activities. In addition, the plan also meets one of the City's key objectives for the project - the provision of a significant number of affordable housing units and the replacement of the Alice Griffith Housing Project - also known as "Double Rock".

In preparing the plan, Kofi Bonner worked closely with the 49ers to create a phasing plan that would allow the 49ers to play continuously at Candlestick Point and to provide the necessary fan parking. At the opening of the new stadium, Bonner expects to have a significant portion of the development complete, including the main retail and entertainment uses that allow for the "urban tailgate" experience.

"Although the new 49ers stadium is a significant component of a new Candlestick Point neighborhood, it's important to note that even if the stadium is not built, the development stands on its own," Bonner said. "With or without a new stadium, the creation of new homes, parks and transportation will benefit the existing neighborhood and future residents." Lennar is expected to provide the entire infrastructure necessary to support development at Candlestick Point and the revenues from the project are expected to provide a portion of the funding for the construction of the new stadium.

Kofi Bonner said the company will work closely with the Mayor's office, Board of Supervisors and other community leaders to help make the project a reality.

Kofi Bonner On Wikipedia

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