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St. Louis Cardinals to Get New Stadium in '06

Cardinals Offer Look at New Ballpark

The St. Louis Cardinals New Stadium

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From the St. Louis Cardinals Website: The New Cardinals Ballpark is scheduled to open in the spring of 2006. As you can see from the computer-generated images the new ballpark distinguishes itself from Busch Stadium in several exciting ways.

Urban Context

The project site, from the northern edge of current Busch Stadium (Walnut Street) to the base of the elevated Interstate 40/64 highway (Poplar Street), gradually slopes down about 40 feet. This seemingly ordinary topographical fact creates a fantastic site condition for the New Ballpark that the architects have exploited in two ways.

First, by placing home plate in the southwest corner of the site and lowering seating and scoreboard heights in center field, the majority of spectators will have dramatic views of the Gateway Arch and the downtown St. Louis skyline.

Second, when Clark Street is "rebuilt" through the site after Busch Stadium comes down, fans and motorists traveling along Clark Street will be able to enjoy unobstructed views into the ballpark, including the playing field itself! These views will strengthen and extend the connection between the New Ballpark and the emerging urban neighborhood on the north side of Clark Street called Ballpark Village. Perhaps the best outfield views of all will be from the balconies and rooftops of the new buildings in the Ballpark Village.

The Cardinals intend to partner with developers to create a mix of uses in the Ballpark Village, including retail, entertainment, office, and residential facilities. A public plaza will provide a perfect gathering spot for fans before and after games. In addition, the Cardinals will locate their team museum -- one of the best in all of baseball -- in the Ballpark Village.

Architectural Design

The design of the New Ballpark takes into account the context of downtown St. Louis, the colorful history of the Cardinals, and the best attributes of the most successful ballparks built around baseball in the last decade. With classic arched openings recalling the nearby Cupples Station warehouses to the rich warm colors of the Wainright building, this Ballpark is inspired by the classics. However, its creative use of old and new materials, from brick and concrete to exposed steel and glass, creates an architectural statement that stands on its own, with a modern sensibility appropriate for the 21st century.

Special Features and Amenities

Of course, the premium spaces of the New Ballpark will bring the comforts of conditioned space and gourmet food offerings to many of our fans. But all fans will be able to experience service upgrades in several key areas. Wider concourses all around, elevators and escalators between levels, and perfect baseball sight lines for all seats in the Ballpark will be obvious improvements over Busch Stadium.

Every fan who comes to the Ballpark will also enjoy improved concessions, family entertainment options, and restroom conveniences that were impossible to provide in Busch Stadium due to its age and restricted configuration. There are also a number of unique standing room and group gathering areas that will give fans limitless opportunities to roam the Ballpark and take in spectacular views of the action on the field.

SBS has paid special attention to the development of the new St. Louis Cardinals Ballpark . It focuses on issues that are addressed in our Oakland Baseball Simworld, from land use to stadium financing.

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