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The Progress of The Renovation of Fenway Park

Fenway Park: Home of the Boston Red Sox

In all of the talk about new stadiums, itıs often forgotten that current structures can be renovated. One example of this fact is Fenway Park, the stadium of the Boston Red Sox.

In August 2005, you will be able to select the option of renovating the current Oakland Coliseum stadium where the Aıs currently play and is part of the focus of Sports Business Simulationsı Oakland Baseball Simworld. The kinds of changes you can make will be similar to those here, but with respect to the actual needs of the Coliseum Stadium.

According to "Save Fenway Park" the advocacy organization and website against the proposed demolition of Fenway Park, The plans being implemented at Fenway Park are an excellent example of upgrading an existing baseball facility. Between 2003 and 2004 this storied venue was the focus on several planned alterations. They're listed below and are from the "Save Fenway Park" website.

Over the 2003 season, the Red Sox made good on almost all of the improvements proposed for the ballpark. Green Monster seats were constructed and soon were heralded as "the best seats in baseball" by Sports Illustrated. The Big Concourse under the bleachers at Gate C and through to the right field grandstand entrance at Gate B improved fan amenities by increasing the number and variety of concession stands and restrooms in an area double the width of its predecessor. Fresh food preparation and storage capacity were also enhanced through use of the old 'Laundry Building' behind the bleachers. The Big Concourse creates a sense of additional breathing room, improving the fan experience at Fenway.

For the 2004 Season, 194 seats at tables shaped like home plate, and 150 standing room spots were constructed on the right field roof. In addition, an elevator, concessions, a bar and restrooms have been built to serve this area. As with last year's addition of seats, capacity of the ballpark (officially 36,298 including standing room) will not be affected as standing room spots are being converted into actual seats.

With the completion of the right field roof area, only the refurbishing of Yawkey Way remains to be accomplished among the improvements proposed by the Red Sox in the fall of 2002.

Meanwhile, over the course of the season, the team continued work on other improvements throughout the ballpark. Other improvements for 2004 included:

  • 42 new seats in Canvas Alley(halfway down the RF line), including the first field-level handicapped-accessible seats.,
  • An improved concourse at Gate E (Lansdowne Street and Brookline Avenue) similar to the Big Concourse. New restrooms, concessions, and a ticket booth have been added. The entrance was leveled and straightened and the concourse itself has been doubled in size by expanding into the Jeano Building (formerly the home of the bowling alley and arcade). Baseball operations moved into new space there as well.
  • A new lounge for those in VIP seats has been added on the site of the former Lansdowne souvenir shop (off the left field concourse at Gate E).
  • A new umpires' locker room on the third base side, allowing the previous facility to become part of an expanded Sox' clubhouse.
  • Improvements at Gate B (Ipswich and Van Ness Streets). The sidewalk was widened, with no loss of street parking, with lighting and trees added as well. A statue honoring Ted Williams was installed in the small plaza at the gate.

One goal of the improved access at Gates B, E and C is to take the pressure off of the crowding at Gate A on Yawkey Way.

As with last year's work, these incremental improvements were submitted to and approved by the Boston Redevelopment Authority (BRA), the city's planning board. The Red Sox plan to add 1000 seats after the 2005 season.

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