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Bufffi The Gym Girl - Beta

BUFFI THE GYM GIRL BETA is a simulation of a very real, daily activity: going to the gym and the reasons why we pick a gym or leave one. Since some consider gyms as great places to meet people, and to date, it comes as no suprise that people change gyms based on clientele. Enter Buffi.

Buffi is a beautiful, intelligent girl-next-door, approachable, talkative, and totaly hot and famous star gym rat and personal trainer. She's not shy about her opinions and if she comes to your gym, all kind of good things happen, namely, membership skyrockets.

Your job as gym owner is to make the right decisions to keep Buffi happy and prevent her from leaving and yet make a profit at the same time. You have several decisions you can make, from the monthly fee to use the gym, to the number of sales representatives you need to get new members, the money you spend on marketing and maintenance, the number of employees you have, and if you should expand the gym, provided you can do so.

BUFFI THE GYM GIRL is a system dynamics sim, so there are some business dynamics to be aware of. First, you can have too many members.

If you do, and Buffi's at your gym, she will leave.

You can spend too little money on maintenance, and if you do, Buffi will not come to your gym. You can have too few employees, and risk losing Buffi and everyone else. Or you can have too few amenities, and not get Buffi at all.

The question for you is can you run a successful gym and do without Buffi? That's something you will have to figure out for yourself, either for fun or as part of a business or sport management or fitness management class.  If you're interested in using this for your class, call Zennie Abraham, its creator, at 510-387-9809 or email: or send a direct message via Twitter -- follow Zennie on Twitter here

Buffi The Gym Girl Decisions

There are several decisions that make up Buffi The Gym Girl

  • "Expand Gym" - Select 1 for "yes" or "0" for no expansion.
  • "Number of Gym Employees" - Each change increases or decreases personel costs and impacts service.
  • "Gym Maintenance Expenditure" - Select the expenditure you will make for gym maintenance each month.
  • "Gym Marketing Expenditure" - Select the expenditure you will make for marketing the gym each month here.
  • "Gym Monthly Fee" - What You Will Charge Per Month For Gym Membership
  • "Number of Gym Sales Reps" - Select the number of sales people at the gym.
  • Click For Buffi The Gym Girl - Beta
  • There's a new message board community forum for Buffi The Gym Girl users. 
    Just click on "SBS Web Network Forum" on the menu bar to get there.