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Forio Business Simulations / Sports Business Simulations Strategic Alliance

On January 7, 2003, Sports Business Simulations established a long term strategic alliance with Forio Business Simulations. SBS is the first company designed and developed around Forio's server system and Forio Macro Language (FML) programming language.

Forio Business Simulations and Sports Business Simulations (SBS) are both based in the San Francisco Bay Area and both experts in the application of the "system dynamics" method of computer simulation model development. Over 500 system dynamics simulations have been developed between the Forio principals Michael Bean and Will Glass-Hussain and SBS' founder Zennie Abraham. But of the vast number of system dynamics models, none had been developed for the sports business.


Mr. Abraham recognized this huge void, and with Mike and Will as his partners and University of San Francisco Sport Management Professor Dan Rascher as his business partner, worked to close that problem by establishing Sports Business Simulations, and with a unique business model that takes advantage of the Internet's design. Forio is only one year older than SBS. Please visit the Forio website at www.forio.com

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