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SBS Personalities - Sports Writers

They're SBS writers with different beats and takes on the sports industry. They don't represent the views of SBS; they have their own ideas! Visit the column blogs of the new faces of Sports Business Simulations:

Matt Adamsky: The Stretch Run Matt covers the world of NHL hockey (with an occasional peek into the world of MLB) with his unique perspective. He's the dean of SBS Personalities, and has a view that's worthy of consideration

Erin Alders: The Olympic Objective Erin Alders is SBS' designated interviewer of athletes. She's featured pro's like Rachel Sears and Kenneth Williams, and is a professional cycilst herself.

Bill Chachkes Dr. Chachkes has attended the last 34 NFL Drafts, and counting. A noted pro talent scout, Bill's the Quality Control Coach for the Columbia University Football team.

Anja Crotts: The World of Pro Football Anja's beat is the NFL. She has a straight to the point and right-between-the-eyes take on the issues of the day in pro football.

Keith Dobkowski: Sports and Legal Issues: Keith's basic interest is sports and legal issues, but with his hit website, LegalBall, he weighs in on every topic from Pat Tillman and the NFL to the Kobe Bryant case.

Ed Goines Ed Goines is the President Of The Sports Law Firm Sui Generis. He was General Counsel and Vice President Of Business Affairs For The San Francisco 49ers for five years, as well as General Counsel for Ticketmaster and Mattel, and Legal Counsel for Major League Soccer. Ed's background gives him an "insiders" view of the sports organization and how it works.

Lindsey Huff: On Sports Marketing Lindsey's background and interest is in sports marketing with a special emphasis on attracting women to sports events.

Brian Killgore: On Sports BusinessBrian's served as PR honcho for the SF 49ers and currently for the Harlem Globetrotters and SBS. He brings his "up close" view to various sports business matters, and the result is as provacative as it is timely.

Matt : Matt on NBA BasketballMatt brings his journalist's experience to focus on the NBA.

Sue Landsittel: Sue's Corner Sue's focus is from her position as a player on the Berkeley All-Blues Women's Rugby club. Because of that, she has a hard-to-find take on life that's worth reading.

Drew Kroner: The Baseline Drew has a poetic take on the NBA that sometimes comes out as, well, poetry. His work is sometimes classic; other times informative, and always witty.

Kate Troescher: "Kate On Sports" This former Cal-Berkeley yell leader is the host of SBS first vlog (video-blog) show. Come see Kate in action, weekly!

Erin Vranas: Erin's Generation: Erin writes about sports business with the objective of shining light on the generation of women who are consumers of the sports product and participants in the sports industry.

Other works by past SBS Personalities

Jack Ferdon: Cry for Argentine Scocer:

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