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SBS Oakland Baseball Simworld

The Oakland Baseball Simworld was originally created to evaluate how new stadium proposals would impact the business of running the Oakland Athletics. The equation base was developed when Zennie Abraham, its creator, was Economic Advisor to Oakland Mayor Elihu Harris in 1998.

That year, the Mayor asked Mr. Abraham to find potential buyers for the A's franchise. At the request of one of the potential owners, Mr. Abraham created a five-year system dynamics model of the Athletics organization. That simulation became the basis for the Oakland Baseball Simworld.

The Oakland Baseball Simworld consists of 90 decisions that represent the macro business aspect of running a real MLB baseball organization. The sim was built using the language of System Dynamics , and using servers constructed by Forio Business Simulations. When Mr. Abraham met University of San Francisco Professor Dan Rascher in June of 2002, he expressed an interest in Abraham's simulation work; on January 23, 2003, they established Sports Business Simulations. The Oakland Sim has been used in several major universities.

The Oakland Sim has no peer, and SBS can quickly adjust it online to meet your class needs. In 2005, it will come with an Internet-based test for students.

SBS XFL Simworld

The XFL Simworld was the first online simulation developed by SBS CEO Zenophon Abraham, in 2001. It started as an idea called "The NFL Model."

In 2001, Mr. Abraham partnered with Forio and created this sim which asks the student to make the right decisions to keep the XFL in business for over one year. (In reality it lasted just one year.) Like the Oakland sim, it can be rapidly adjusted to your needs.

SBS Free Sim Trials

To try the XFL Simworld and the Oakland Baseball Simworld over a one-day free trial, go to and click on the menu link to the left called "SBS Free Sim Trials" where you will see this page, then just click here: to START XFL SIM TRIAL or here: START OAKLAND SIM TRIAL. To buy an account for use in your class, just click here: BUY AN ACCOUNT. It's $12.50 per student per class ($27 for one year effective January 20th 2005) and contains access to both simulations. Also, SBS will launch a new sim called "Health Club Sim" in late January 2005. In this simulation, students can run a health club.

Please e-mail SBS at with other questions. You may also contact SBS CEO Zenophon Abraham at or SBS Co-Founder Professor Dan Rascher at and Professor Rod Fort of Washington State University at , for questions about the SBS sims and on how the SBS simulations are used in the classroom.

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