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Carnaval: A Video Tour

"Carnaval" is San Francisco's annual parade and street fair held every Memorial Day weekend in the Mission District and literaly taking over the neighborhood. I love this spectacle of people, sights, and sounds. What I most enjoy is the vast and diverse crowd. It's a reminder of how really very much common we all are.

This year, I planned to take my camcorder and record what I saw for this blog, and to show the World my friend Sean Brown's kiosk system. The video starts with me walking past the entry, getting a kind of credit card, and walking over to this large bank of screens. Those video devices are the "kiosks" where one types in their information and gains a chance to win a prize; in this case, an Oakland Raiders luxury box. (No kidding.)

I'd never seen the kioks in action, and I have to admit I was impressed. As Sean says in the video, it's a good way for corporate sponsors of events to reach an audience. The full range of possibilities hasn't been realized -- yet. For more information, contract Sean at sean@buzzhub.com

Now, on to the Carnaval.

In watching this video, look at the vast number of different kinds of people, all partying as one. If you're a marketer working to reach the Latino demographic, or the young, check out the kinds of companies there. If you're a person who follow cultural trends, listen to the music: Latin rap, jazz, and all kinds of sounds. Then there's dancing of all kinds: Salsa, swing, and even Capoeada. (I don't think the spelling's correct there.)

Carnaval's also a story of food. Look at the vendors and the cooks grilling meat; the smoke will come into your face in this video. The end of the video is a party on the roof of "Medjool", a popular bar and retaurant. A perfect way to end a lovely Sunday with my friends at Carnaval.


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