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The Oakland Raiders Press Conference Introducing Wide Receiver Randy Moss

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This is SBS on-site coverage (and photos) of the Oakland Raiders' press conference introducing Randy Moss. While it was not possible for the audience to hear every question, we present what comments were made by Oakland Raiders Head Coach Norv Turner and the Raiders' newest employee Randy Moss. What follows is a mix of actual quotes and some paraphrasing where what was said was not perfectly clear. The Raiders did not provide a transcript immediately after the presentation, though one may be available in the near future.

The conference was held Wednesday, March 2nd, and started at 4:07 PM with Turner siting down at the press conference table alongside Moss. The Raiders second-year head coach gave this opening statement:

Turner: "10 days ago, all this started and nearing Friday (of last week) we knew there was going to be a trade -- we knew we had an edge. But this outcome is unbelievable. I can't say enough for (Oakland Raiders Manager of the General Partner) Al Davis, and (Oakland Raiders Senior Assistant) Mike Lombardi did everything to make this happen. See, I didn't think anyone knew (about it). Then my Son's saying 'Dad, It's all over the newspapers and ESPN that you're getting Randy Moss.' So much for secrets."

Turner continued his presentation: "Fans will love Randy Moss. Fans will love the excitement he brings. He's got a great work ethic and drive to be the best.

"I went to the scouting combine and it was unbelievable all the positive comments I received. I'll tell ya, coaches in Chicago, Green Bay, and Detroit are happy he's gone (from the NFC). (Tampa Bay Buccaneers Defensive Coordinator) Monte Kiffin came up and said 'Norv, I can't think of a better fit than Randy Moss in your offense.'

Coach Turner then introduced Randy Moss.

Moss:"Thanks Coach. (I'm) overwhelmed to be here. See, I'm a country boy and not used to this. I'm nervous, I'll be honest. Al Davis knows how to show hospitality and class."

"As you can see, I have my jersey number 18 -- what I had when I came into the NFL - dangerous. I want to get back to being what I was when I first came into the league: dangerous.

"There are a lot of things I want to say and some things I can't say. A lot of stuff in Minnesota. I'm leaving all that. As for me and (Vikings QB) Dante (Culpepper), a player can't fire another player -- an owner can fire a player. I still love Daunte Culpepper. I love his wife and his family."

To a question regarding how the Raiders will improve with him, Moss said "It's (the trade) is bringing me to a team (the Raiders) that was already there. They were in the playoffs two years ago against the Tampa Bay Bucs. I'm just an addition to a powerful team. To be able to be in the Silver and Black -- who doesn't want to be in the Silver and Black. I'm committed to excellence and just win, baby!"

On Being Traded to a West Coast Team

At first, I told my agent I didn't want to be on the West Coast, but I'm here. I've done my homework on Coach Turner -- I know what they expect from me. I think I gave it my all. Seven years was a good run -- my time is up. If it was time, it was time. I'm ready to scream, I'm so happy. I'm glad to be here.

The things I do between the white lines -- are things I do to be free. Al Davis has Super Bowl rings. I want Super Bowl rings.

On the Vikings Problems and Controversy

Moss: "Things were not as bad as they were made out to be. Seven years is like marriage. Seven years of this is and this is what you (the Vikings) gave me? A slap in the face.

On What He Does Best

Moss:" My specialty is to go long and catch the ball.

On the Reactions to His Being Traded to the Raiders

Moss: I'm from the East Coast not the West Coast. It was hard for me to get up. Some people cried, others cussed me out, called my agent and cussed him out too. 'How can you let Randy Moss go.'

On His Relationship With Some Raider Players

Moss: "They have Warren Sapp -- we go way back. Charles Woodson at the Heisman -- we never thought we'd be here. I haven't talked to anyone yet, things were so fast and hecktic

On the Raiders Not Picking Him On Draft Day

Moss: "I remember that, -- they picked Mo Collins -- I understand now why they did.

On Raiders Quarterback Kerry Collins

Moss: "I can't forget about my QB. I'm a fan of Kerry Collins. He came up to the dome and shredded us. I can be happier here -- I get a fresh start. I'm in love now."

Turner:"I spoke to Kerry (Collins) and he's in love, too."

On His Playing Style

Moss:"I have to win -- when I win, I talk trash. I love to talk trash -- that's me.

On The Police Escort The Raiders Provided and Other Touches

Moss:"I loved it. It's what a class organization does. I have four children -- all have got a care package for the Raiders -- never happened before. Gifts, hats, t-shirts, etc. -- they may not seem like much but its important. It got me worked up inside."

On His "I Play When I Want to Play" Comment

Moss: "That was for you guys (the Media) Listening to you guys will make me quit this league. It was more things printed than anything else.

He continued,"Look, I've been a country boy from the back woods. I was not exposed to a lot of things (when I came into the league). Now, I know what to expect from a playoff win or a loss. I love to get it done. Let's get it done.

Randy Moss v. (Philadelphia Eagles Wide Receiver) Terrell Owens

Moss: "There's no argument. I know this. This organization knows it. Everyone knows it. I don't want to get into a discussion like that."

Turner: "Look at Randy's seven years in Minnesota. Every quarterback there has had their best years with him. He's going to have am impact.

On What The Size of His Raiders Contract Will Be

Moss: "Football is my life. It's what I do to pay the bills. I love the game too much."

On Moss and The Raiders Running Game

Turner: "We didn't bring him in to help the running game. Now, there are different defenses that teams may be forced to use that may open up the run, seven in the box, and so on. But we brought him in here to score points.

Moss: "No question -- things you see defensively are going to be different here (with the Raiders).

On The Raider Nation and The Black Hole

Moss: "I heard a lot about it. (Oakland and Minnesota linebacker Greg) Biekert said -- let's go down and get them riled up. So, we decided to and were on our way down there (to the Black Hole) but I then I didn't do it. Someone told me that they might swallow you up there. But now that I'm a Raider, I can't wait to get in there.

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